Beat the Heat With This ionFan: USB-Rechargeable, Portable Ionizer Fan

It’s hotter than hell, and there’s nothing we can do to turn off the heat because the sun is relentless. A few things can help with the frustration of being always sweaty. For one, you can grab a really good fan. And, while your air conditioner at home is totally broken and too expensive to fix, you can still have wind while you’re working from anywhere. Use this ionFan: USB-Rechargeable, Portable Ionizer Fan and say goodbye to any lingering heat stroke.

If you want a fun fan for fan fun (say that five times fast), the ionFan: USB-Rechargeable, Portable Ionizer Fan is your bag. Getting down to business, this fan is the GOAT of both being green and keeping you cool in the gross heavy months. The ionFan keeps you chilly and healthy by killing airborne bacteria and viruses, tobacco smoke and pet odors, mold spores, and other allergens that may get into your lungs. Emitting up to three million beneficial negative ions per second (which is about five times as many negative ions as ionizers of similar size), your air will be cleaner than whatever hellhole city air is pumping through your vents.

So, how does it work? Simple really. Just plug this bad boy into any 110V/220V power socket or USB outlet, and get ready to feel the breeze. It’s perfect for your home, workplace, vacations, and anywhere else you may need a little bit of air without central AC (or in conjunction with, we know how you love to be ice cold). The multi-power supply technology will give you all the breeze you need while still being super efficient, ensuring that you get the good type of “ahh!” out of your days.

Get the ionFan: USB-Rechargeable, Portable Ionizer Fan for $34.95.

Prices subject to change.


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