Save a Boatload of Money When You Book Your Next Trip With TravelHacker Premium Subscription

In 1,000 years when you look back on your life, do you want to remember that you bought an expensive coffee pot once or that you went to Rome and had an authentic cappuccino? We spend our money on a lot of stupid crap. It’s time to make traveling a number one priority. The TravelHacker Premium Subscription ensures you’ll do all of the traveling of your dreams while still having moolah left for souvenirs.

Travel has literally never been easier than with the TravelHacker Premium Subscription. Uncovering the cheapest flights in all the land automatically, TravelHacker works endlessly to make sure you save the most cash when taking your next trip (along with some other really handy tips).

So, how does it all work? By surfing for low airfare deals, the system detects the reopening status and restrictions present in 124 countries and 3,800+ airports all around the globe. Whether you’re headed to Boston, Madrid, or anywhere in between, TravelHacker also gives you a shout when prices plummet for your purchasing pleasure. There’s no limit to how many route and region alerts you can save, so you’re covered if you need to jet set to multiple places.

In terms of what’s on the line here, you stand to save $200 – $500 for each flight ticket booked. That’s enough cash to, well, both another flight somewhere amazing. Just set your destination, forget you even made those plans, and TravelHacker will pop out instant savings in real time. Once you find the flight that’s right for you, TravelHacker helps you book on your favorite platforms like Skyscanner, Google Flights, and more.

The best part? This is a year subscription, so you can track and score flights for a full 365 days of uninhibited travel (well, not really, someone has to work to pay for all of those overseas Ubers).

Get the TravelHacker Premium Subscription for $29.99 (Reg. $250). Be quick, this deal ends on June 19.

Prices subject to change.