Dirty Desk? Class the Place Up With This Little Dumpster

Going back to the office in the new year? If it’s the first time since March 2020, things could be foul. Not that you left it like that, but the snacks you thought you were going to be back for in two weeks are well past expired and the dust has accumulated dust. Sounds like you could use some trash collection. Well, we’re not at liberty to pay for a cleaning service, but we can offer you this Dumpsty Jr: Mini Desktop Bin to get things a little more organized.

There’s a lot of trash out there, both literally and garbage personified. This Dumpsty Jr: Mini Desktop Bin will give you a little comic relief from the crapstorm that is the country in 2021. Made from steel and comes with detailed hinges and working lids, this trash bin is a perfect way to store pens, markers, rulers, and other small items that aren’t trash (though we suppose you could throw little balls of paper with expletives in it, that sounds like positive self-care). With fork pockets and bottom skids, this only looks like a trash collector and is instead keeps everything nice and tidy.

And, we can’t forget the add-ons that will make your dumpster fire of a desk look a little cooler. The three pairs of lids in black, baby blue, and yellow, as well as a pair of mini dumpster warning sign magnets might not do your work for you, but it could attract some new office buddies (not you, Sara from IT who has eight cats and smells pungently of them, definitely not you).

See why this desk buddy is a people pleaser, scoring an Amazon, scoring 4.9 stars. Get the Dumpsty Jr: Mini Desktop Bin, which includes three pairs of lids and two magnet signs, for $74.99, down from $99.

Prices subject to change. 


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