Hate the Apple TV Siri Remote? This $30 Remote Is a Great Alternative

Apple is all about minimalism, and it’s evident in how they design their products. That even extends to accessories, like the Apple TV Siri remote. It only has a few buttons, a complete opposite of what television remote controls look like. Instead of having buttons for every function, it has a touchpad area that is designed to be a mimic of the touchscreens found on iPhones and iPads. Some people find this convenient, but some think that the lack of buttons is a pain. If you’re part of the latter, there’s a way for you to enjoy watching your Apple TV without fussing over the remote.

The Function101 Button Remote works with your Apple TV, but it’s designed with traditional remote control buttons you’ve grown accustomed to. No touchpad is found anywhere on it—just buttons. This way, you’re able to navigate the TV better and watch your favorite shows and movies with ease.

The remote is powered by infrared technology (IR), allowing it to synchronize with your TV in mere seconds to control power, volume, and mute functions. It offers a wide range of connectivity, too, reaching up to 12 meters, so you can lay back and enjoy your show without having to stay too close to the screen.

Check it out:

As convenient as the Siri function is in Apple remotes, you don’t really need to use your voice when flipping between shows. Luckily, this remote doesn’t have a voice feature, since you can find all the buttons you need right at your fingertips. Its thoughtful approach to the button layout makes it a breeze to use on your Apple TV.

This remote works with all Apple TV and is compatible with most TV sets, including 4K ones. Make watching easier by picking up the Function101 Button Remote for only $29.95. Head on over to this link to grab one.

Prices subject to change.