Get Your Groove On at Home With This Interactive Cloud Lamp

Okay, we get it: sometimes life brings you rainbows, butterflies, and very good boys and girls, and sometimes it brings you fire tornadoes for days. Either way, the past 15 months have been grim, at best, and it’s almost impossible not to be hopped up all of the time. The last thing you want to come home to is another disastrous weather system. Don’t worry, we’ve got a new, super dope, relaxing way to give your home a new vibe with this Interactive Cloud Lamp.

So, here’s what’s going down with the Interactive Cloud Lamp: not only is it a bright LED lamp, but it’s also a killer statement piece. Incorporating advanced sound-reactive and ambient lamp modes, this lamp can shine to the beat of music with just the push of a few buttons. Beyond that, It uses motion sensors to detect a user’s presence, creating a unique lightning and thunder show surrounded by your sick dance moves (or dorky dance moves, we don’t know how you shimmy). And, of course, the cloud shape and texture gives your room a nice, calming feeling (unless you’ve got it hooked up to screamo music, then you’re just used to hurricanes).

But what about getting this cloud lamp out of the box and in all of its glory? Installation of this lamp is super easy and comes with all the nuts and bolts you need to get it going. Plus, it only weighs about three pounds, so unless your ceilings are made of printer paper, you’re good to hang these babies in any bedroom, home office, or anywhere else you may need a spontaneous dance party (or just an ultra-cool night light).

Get the Interactive Cloud Lamp, which includes the installation hardware, power supply, and remote, for $629.99 (Reg. $690).

Prices Subject To Change.