Need to Offset the Absolute Terror of the Past 15 Months? Try These CBD Capsules

In case you haven’t heard, things have been hella weird lately. You know, besides the deadly pandemic we’ve can’t get rid of (thanks to our nation’s finest and brightest), people are listening to the guy from Fear Factor for life advice, if that’s a clear indication of where we are at. The good news is that CBD capsules have become more popular than ever for relaxation, and it’s readily available for anyone over the age of 18 to take advantage of. Why not get in on the fun with these BALANCE 900mg CBD Capsules?

With about a month’s supply of capsules to help you get your calm on, the BALANCE 900mg CBD Capsules are not just a great way to start your day, but also awesome for nighttime R&R. Farmed, extracted, formulated and packaged in Colorado in proprietary, small-batch formulations, these little babies have only three natural ingredients: organic C8 MCT oil (coconut derived), organically farmed full spectrum hemp extract, and gelatin (capsule shell). Because of this, the capsules are fully GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan for all of you earth-friendly readers. And despite being really great for relaxing, these pills shouldn’t fool you, they truly pack a punch. With 900 mg CBD, you’ll be fully prepared to take on any day the CBD way. The best part? No artificial flavors or additives, so you know exactly what’s going down the gullet and into the gut. 

Just do us a favor and touch base with your medical team about CBD before taking the plunge (it’s not yet FDA-approved, so it’s kinda important you chat with the doc first). Also, usage and legality is a state-by-state variance, so make sure you’re playing by the rules so you don’t ruin the good time for everyone.

Get the BALANCE 900mg CBD Capsules for $51.95 (Reg. $65).

Prices subject to change.