This Tiny Endoscopic Camera Is Perfect For Checking Out Hard to Reach Spots

Picked up photography and videography as hobbies in the past 15 months? You’re not alone. And, while some people have taken the artistic mediums in a creepy direction, you’ve spent most of your free time during social distancing, perfecting your craft, and doing justice to whatever your focal point is. Good on you for not videotaping yourself being a stone-cold weirdo (well, this time, at least), congratulate yourself by taking your photog skills to the next level with this Wireless HD Endoscope Camera.

Not to be confused with a painful endoscopy (thankfully), This wireless HD endoscope camera is ultra-flexible and can be used for checking out smaller items, looking under those hard to reach places, and even can even help you solve the mystery of what’s blocking that forever clogged sink (spoiler alert, it’s toothpaste and hair, gross). Equipped with 2MO CMOS HD camera and three adjustable resolutions, you’ll be able to snap and see any muse you desire to monitor using this bad boy in the clearest picture. Need a light? No sweat, just use the eight adjustable LED lights on the end of this 16.5’ camera to give your subject a blast of brightness. 

The coolest part of the camera is how many platforms it’s compatible with. Not only does it work with your typical Android and iOS servers, but it’s one of the only endoscope cameras on the market to also work with Windows and Mac. Connecting it to the platform of your choice couldn’t be easier: just can the QR code in the manual to download the app included, connect your device, and, bam, you’re on your way to shooting the next big short film (or, you know, just spying on your housemates doing lord knows what since social distancing started).

Get the Wireless HD Endoscope Camera, which includes a charging cable, wireless transmitter, hook magnet, mirror, waterproof cap, and user manual for $49.99 (Reg. $129).

Prices subject to change.