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Grab a Pack of These Scout Hidden Camera Detectors and Never Worry About Peeping Toms Again

There’s a lot of terrible in this world, and people are usually the root cause of it. Sometimes humans are a pestilence at best, but other times it’s completely creepy. If you or someone you know is headed to a place they’ve never been before, you might want to carry around this Scout Hidden Camera Detector to keep you extra safe.

We know you’re not a total conspiracy theorist (or maybe you are, whatever is your bag, we suppose), but we are also aware that people are total weirdos. That’s where the Scout Hidden Camera Detector comes in clutch. Great for if you’re staying in a room share, in an unknown place, or if you just generally feel creeped out, this bad boy detects hidden cameras all over your intended area. With powerful LEDs that reflect off camera lenses, it’s super easy to find the sneaky peeping Tom no matter where you are (though we hope you it never comes to this).

The Scout Hidden Camera Detector finds a wide range of secret filming devices, including (but not limited to) CCTV cameras, iPhones, or spy cameras. And, with one year of charge per battery change, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice in a foreign place when you’re just trying to get your R&R on.

Using one of these little helpers is super simple: just stand about 5-15 feet in front of the camera placement in question, hold Scout up against your eye so you can look through the aperture, turn the LEDs on, look through the aperture of Scout towards the suspected hidden camera, and, bam, an immediate sense of relief or danger is granted (and we’re really hoping it’s the former). Don’t worry, we think you’ll be safe, but we’d bring this handy gadget just in case.

Get the Scout Hidden Camera Detector (2-Pack), which also includes two hidden camera practice lenses, two instruction manuals, and four AA batteries, for $89.98 (Reg. $179) with code SCOUT10.

Prices subject to change.