Get That Crypto Coin and Learn About NFTs With This Beginner’s Guide

Let’s get real: technology can do some pretty incredible things. And, whether you’re searching for a life change or just picking up a new hobby, having a good grasp on the digital zeitgeist can give you a one-up on both the next guy looking to do the same thing and boomers who couldn’t care less anymore. Those of us who are super tech-savvy (and those of us who scroll through social while attempting to be productive at work) know the next hottest way to make money is through crypto art and NFTs (or non-fungible tokens). No idea what the hell we’re talking about? Get in on the easy coin with this How To Create Your First NFT: The Beginner’s Guide course.

Ready to get down with crypto art? Sounds daunting, sure, but with this crash course, you’ll master NFT’s in no time. With eight lectures you can buzz through in an hour, you’ll learn how to create your first NFT, What you can do with your NFT once you’ve created it, and how you can uniquely register and own your art in an open marketplace. Essentially, you’re opening up your own crypto art gallery free from any worry of plagiarism or theft. The best part? Once you list your artwork, the course will teach you how to check out your crypto wallet and see who’s picking up your stuff.

By the way, no sweat if you pick up this course and decide not to start it immediately, it’s lifetime access, so you can catch up anywhere in the world while you’re on business, vacation, or just futzing around on a lazy Sunday. 

The course is taught by entrepreneur Benjamin “Benji”  Wilson, who prides himself on creating the sickest content for heavy hitters like Instagram, Facebook, and  Amazon FBA. Sounds like Benji probably gets some pretty loud ringing endorsements, which is one of the many reasons why you should pick up this course. 

Get the How To Create Your First NFT: The Beginner’s Guide for $19.99 (Reg. $199)

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