Wash Off Yesterday’s Regrets With These Awesome Soaps

Very few things yield the feeling of that one special moment where you take ten minutes to yourself and hop in a steaming hot shower to wash away the regret of the day. We’ve been told there are, uh, other thrills you could seek to try and compare, but there just isn’t anything like a good scrub after 12 hours of work, chores, and all-around quarantine chaos. The only thing that can truly ruin a good shower sesh is a crappy soap choice like a drug store sale purchase. Whether you’re showering wrong or not showering at all, don’t be that smelly person and instead clean with a purpose with this Tactical Soap Trifecta: 3-Pack.

Ready to get your scrub on? Good, because with everything that’s been going down the past year, we could all use a chance to wash away the grime of disappointment. Designed by clinical psychologists and pheromone experts, these pheromone-infused soaps are a whopping 4oz each and are specifically created to attract the opposite sex (oh, la la!). You’ll get three soaps to tingle your senses, as well as your partner’s interests.

The three soaps included boast different attributes that make each of them their own unique scent with different reasoning for usage. For example, one might use the Durden soap to present alpha status, masculinity, charisma, mischief, and attractiveness. The Bond soap is great to convey attraction, success, and fun, while the Maverick is great to tell your partner you’re thrill-seeking and adventurous. There’s no wrong way to rub-a-dub-dub with these bars (especially if it’s with your partner, if ya know what we mean *wink wink*). Any way you get all your bits squeaky clean is a good way with this soap trifecta.

Get the Tactical Soap Trifecta: 3-Pack for $25.99 (Reg. $29).

Prices subject to change.