This Meat Delivery System Will Ensure you Reign Grill Master Supreme This Summer

Well friends, we have some good news, bad news, and then good news again. The first bit of good news is that we’re steadfastly approaching the warm weather season and all of the wholesome, family-friendly activities that pair with it. The bad news? We’re still in quarantine thanks to some really upstanding citizens. Okay, back to the good news! The air is fresh, the greenery is growing, and the outdoor patio furniture is prepped. The only thing left to do is get that grill going. Start the smoking season off right with some of the freshest meats from Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Boxes sent right to your home.

Ready to get your grill on? Here’s how it works: you’ll get a boatload of meat straight to your doorstep packed neatly in dry ice from some of the freshest farms across the country. All the farms contracted with this deal boast using absolutely no GMOs, hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics. In true farm-to-table fashion, all of your food is packaged right at the farm with no middle man factory to pump in harmful gunk before it gets to your plate. Your meat will not only come to your door straight from the graze, but it will do so in a flash–within 72 hours, to be exact. This way you can spend less time in the grocery store searching for things to put on the ol’ smoker and more time doing things like washing off the ol’ smoker (we know you left it grimy last BBQ season, don’t even try and lie).

Get the Premium Farm-to-Table Meat Boxes, which includes two pastured Oregon Angus NY strip steaks (0.8lbs), two pastured Oregon Angus tenderloin tails (1.25lbs), and four pastured Oregon Angus and wagyu ground beef packages (1lb), for $149 (Reg. $159).

Prices subject to change.