Never Leave Your Couch For Wine When You Have it Delivered to Your Door

Home for the holidays? Whether you’re cooking your family meal, hiding from your radical QAnon Uncle Michael, or stuck at home with a certain sickness we shall not name (it rhymes with shmovid, if you catch our drift), chances are you’re going to need a little adult beverage to get the holiday festivities going at home. And, because things suck right now, going out to retrieve your boozy bounty does not sound like a barrel of monkeys. No sweat, grab Your First Four Bottles of Wine from Winc for $24.95 using this deal.

Getting four wines right to your door is easier than ever and doesn’t charge you a delivery fee like door-to-door shopping apps. Here’s how getting your buzz on without leaving your jimmy jams works: after you purchase the deal, you’ll be sent a digital voucher to take a quick palate profile quiz. Your answers to the quiz will create and curate a palate of four different wines that is unique to you and your wine tastes. Not only that, but you’ll also learn how to spot fresh-tasting flavors since this vino is so super fresh (no, red is not a wine flavor, sorry). No need to scurry to the state store, in just a few simple clicks you’re on your way to wine time.

Just a quick note for those of you who celebrate a little too hard and make questionable choices: while we want everyone of age to enjoy this deal, only buyers ages 21 and older are eligible to purchase, so don’t be stupid and ruin a good time for all winos everywhere.

Find out what Forbes and The Huffington Post are ranting and raving about. Get Your First Four Bottles of Wine from Winc for $24.95 (Reg, $59).

Prices subject to change.


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