For Once, A Vape Pen Is Also a Functional Pen

Vape enthusiasts have bemoaned the misleading name of vape pens for generations (or at least, like, half of one generation). “They call it a pen,” they cry to the heavens, “and yet I can write nary a single letter with it!” 

Finally, some brilliant inventor out there has concocted the perfect gadget to ease their pain: the Cloud Marble Vape Pen 2-in-1 Vaporizer, right now just $42.99 (normally $49). Now you can write with a pen and inhale essential oils at the same time… provided you can write with your mouth. Otherwise, you can simply alternate between them very, very quickly and conveniently.

Discretely designed, the Cloud Marble Vape Pen features a vertically configured wick-less ceramic heating element for the liquid cartridge, and a 510 threaded battery that will work with most 510 threaded battery chargers or other ancillary devices. It’s also designed in a beautiful marble blue, with high-quality black ink, and includes a liquid cartridge, a wax cartridge, a pen cap and a packing tool. Best of all, it looks like a pen, so you won’t get people obnoxiously rolling their eyes at you about having a vape pen (unless they feel just as disdainful about ink writing utensils as they do about vaporizers). 

It’s surprising that there aren’t more gadgets like this floating around out there. After all, who likes vaping? The answer is “classy people from the future.” What about pens? “Classy people from the past.” Finally, you can be both! Yes: by using this device, you are officially living outside the confines of linear time (results may vary, because we’re not even sure what that means, and this joke has clearly gotten away from us).

We’re not sure how long this discount on the Cloud Marble Vape Pen will last, so if you want to save that 14% (or $6) then you should pull that proverbial trigger while you still have the chance.

Prices subject to change.