Store Your Cannabis Stash Somewhere Safe With This Organizer and Tracking System

Hey there, let’s cut to the chase and talk about pot—leafy, pungent, often cathartic. Long gone are the days of scoring weed at some random party in your friend’s basement. Things are civilized now! Plenty of states have legalized medical marijuana, and some have given the green light to recreational bud. 

With all of this excitement, you can’t help but stock up! With a new year and new Mary Jane regulations come new responsibility to preserve your hard-earned chronic. If you’re at least 21, might we suggest the Stori™ Cannabis Storage System for you or a loved one you’re probably sharing with anyway?

Instead of fussing around with little baggies, you can both protect and organize your stash. Stori, which comes with six pods with humidity pack holders, six tubes, a dry erase marker, and rolling papers, serves as an aesthetically pleasing and efficient way to store your cannabinoids.

Throw it on your kitchen table, use it as a statement piece, tell your great aunt Greta it’s artwork you bought with all that disposable income, Stori is there to take the stigma out of using cannabis while giving you peace of mind.

Need to keep track of your nuggs? There’s an app for that. With the Stori App, it’s easier than ever to get deets on the strains you’ve got, monitor your purchases, and see regional offers from retailers. The app also uses a color-coding system so you’re never confused about your bounty. Not a fan of your last buy? The app will suggest new strains that might be right up your alley.

As the wise Ice Cube would advise: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Make sure you touch base with your medical team on safe usage and with your state laws for, ya know, legal usage. Don’t be the skunk at the picnic.

Get the Stori™ Cannabis Storage System for $140.21 (reg. $220) with code VDAY2021.

Prices subject to change.

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