Chess Is Cool Now Thanks to Netflix, Here’s How to Not Look Like a Fool Playing

Riding off the coattails of shows like The Queen’s Gambit, everyone and their mother thinks they’re the ultimate chess showstopper. Sure, you dabbled behind the ivories in your day, but beating Jimmy Carson in the third grade hardly counts as champion play. Honestly, is there a better time to brush up on your chess skillz than during the continuance of chaos and the complete downward spiral of society? Grab The Complete Chess Bundle for Beginners to Advanced Players and learn to play a healthy, definitely not cannibal game as the pros do (or, at least the nerdy kids in the neighborhood do).

So, here’s what you’ll score in this bundle, friends (or what you’ll check, mates—eh, eh?): with 14 courses and 262 lessons, you’ll become a regular ol’ Bobby Fischer in no time. Training includes tools and tips on decision making, white openings, pawn structures, tactical attractions, simplification, and visions, as well as a host of sweet playbook moves from the pros.

Even if you are somewhat of a chess geek yourself, it’s still important to refresh your memory on topics like move orders and club player strength. You’ll get expert instruction from major chess masters like Davorin Kuljasevic, Bryan Smith, Mat Kolosowksi, and more.

Over 121 hours of training content comes with lifetime access, so whether you’re sitting at home on a quarantine weekend or just taking a break from business trips to the couch, your chess lessons will be there waiting for your next move. School your friends, squash your family, hand a stranger in the park his own ass when you practice with this program.

This jam-packed online chess tutorial usually runs for a whopping $1376, but it can be yours for $99.99—that’s a 92% discount.

Prices subject to change.

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