Want a Rocking Bod? Try This Full Body and Core Strength Bundle

We’re just going to dive right into it: everyone’s looking a little flabby these days. That’s not being rude, we’re just being super observant of the toll unprecedented times have taken on us. We’ve all tried really, really hard to keep our beach bodies, but lockdown is a cruel mistress. Look, we’re going to be inside for a little while thanks to the CDC apparently, so might as well start a path to a hot bod with this Full Body and Core Strength Bundle.

Pumping up and getting those perfect abdominals has never been easier than with this bundle. In no time you’ll recognize change as you burn calories, build muscle and improve your overall endurance. Who knows, maybe you’ll even score those washboard abs you’ve been talking about excessively since social distancing started (it beats baking banana bread again).

As the name suggests, there are multiple parts to this deal, so let’s break them down accordingly. The ab wheel is manyfold when it comes to overall health. Perfect for those of us looking to bulk up our core strength, the wheel also helps improve your lower back strength and decreases your risk of muscular injury, just in case you go a little too hard. Speaking of pushing it to the limit, the wheel is also covered with thick TPE so even the klutziest of gym rats can’t slip or fall using it.

Okay, on to part two of this deal, the four variable resistance bands. featured in four different colors and four different resistance weights. The yellow band gives you 10 pounds of resistance, purple 15 pounds, blue 25 pounds, and black 30 pounds. Starting small with these and working your way up ensures that you tighten up those legs and glutes, as well as gives you the strength to perfect stretching, yoga, Pilates, and barre moves. Limberness can be your middle name if you use these babies on a consistent basis (it will replace your current middle name, which isn’t as cool).

Get the Full Body And Core Strength Bundle, which includes four variable resistance bands and one ab wheel for $68.99 (Reg. $179).

Prices subject to change.


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