Early Black Friday Alert: This Bidet Attachment Is Under $35

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that TP panic buying is so Early Pandemic. Oh, and we should take care of ourselves and the planet. With wildfires, coronavirus, and lots of violence to cope with, you may have been taking in little bits of luxury where you can. Maybe you’re still making pastries that are beyond your abilities or have moved on to a different kind of baking.

If you’re running out of ideas and would like to tackle self-care, the environment, and that toilet paper hoarding issue that’s bound to return, then check out this bidet. Technically a bidet attachment, SlimGlow is the world’s first featuring a night-light. This smart gadget will have you feeling very very clean, proud to be saving some trees, and able to LOL at all your TP-less friends.

The SlimGlow bidet attachment is as good as it gets: it features a sleek, inclined design to complement your natural position along with a comfort-grip pressure knob and dual nozzle cleansing options so you can control the clean to your liking. It’s 50% thinner and 100% more durable than competing products. Plus there’s the soothing blue night-light that completely eliminates both the downfalls of handling your business in the dark and of flipping on the overhead light at 4 in the morning.

This bidet attachment is also specifically designed for a DIY install, so you don’t have to call a plumber. Simply place the attachment on your toilet bowl and connect it directly to your fresh-water supply with the provided brass adapter and braided metal hose and voila! Your souped-up bathroom setup is complete.

Toilet paper isn’t just bad for the environment; it also really hurts your wallet over time. Bidets are also generally more sanitary and will keep you feeling extra fresh and clean in those places where it’s most important.

Say hello to a better go with SlimGlow: The World’s First Bidet Attachment Featuring a Night Light. Normally $79, for a limited time, you can get early access to the Black Friday doorbuster price of $34.97—no coupon needed.

Price subject to change. 

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