Get More Done While You WFH With This Portable Touchscreen Monitor

Whether you’re a programmer sifting through lines of code or a graphic designer illustrating logos, nothing boosts your productivity like a second monitor. However, you clearly won’t always find yourself working at an office with a sweet setup, and not everyone has the space at home or budget for a big ol’ desktop monitor. Luckily, Desklab offers a more reasonable solution. The Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor is a mobile solution for creatives, coders, gamers, or anyone who might benefit from extra screen real estate. The list price is $275, but Mandatory readers can buy a Desklab today for $248.95, or 9% off.

The Deskab Portable Touchscreen Monitor is a 15.6-inch 1080p monitor that allows you to expand your screen space anywhere you go. This versatile, ultra-portable monitor connects to any laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or gaming console via USB-C or HDMI. 

Additionally, the screen is touch-enabled, allowing you to swipe through apps intuitively. Finally, the Desklab comes with a magnetic stand and built-in speakers, so you can even use it as your primary monitor. 

A second touchscreen monitor allows you to sketch, code, game, multitask, and more. But it’s the portability of this device that really seals the deal. It may seem like we’ll never travel again, but eventually, we will, and the Desklab makes it easy to set up a proper workspace anywhere and everywhere: on a plane or train, in a hotel, at a cafe, or wherever else life takes you.

The Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor is on sale today for $248.95. For just $70 more, you can get the 4K version of the Desklab if a higher resolution is important for your work.

Prices subject to change.

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