Say Goodbye to Social Distancing Blues With Polaris GENERAL XP 1000 Deluxe

Nowadays, excitement and thrill aren’t as easy to come by. Music festivals are a thing of the past, movie theaters are no longer bringing in crowds, and amusement parks everywhere have run their last ride for a while.

And while social luxuries of that sort have been placed on perma-hold, to maintain any sense of sanity, people are getting back out into nature and spending more time tending to their homes. The peace of natural surroundings or the satisfaction of keeping your property pristine are just enough to offset any pandemic-related blues. But barely.

Depending on your terrain, or what projects you’re taking on, you may need a vehicle that can help you get around and move materials. In those situations, utility is crucial. Everything else is the icing on the cake.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

For anyone who loves outdoor rugged terrain, putting in a hard day’s work, and then rewarding yourself in some way for a job well done, there’s the Polaris GENERAL XP 1000 Deluxe.

The GENERAL XP 1000 Deluxe is a powerful, smooth-riding UTV, with two-seat capacity, and ample storage for gear, gravel, or whatever daily grind you got going on. The responsive 100 HP engine has plenty of pick up and kick, and can pull a payload of 1,100 lbs. With over 13 inches of ground clearance, a 64-inch wide stance, 30-inch Pro Amor Tires, and Walker Evans Velocity Series shocks, the Polaris GENERAL XP 1000 Deluxe can run over just about anything.

This UTV was also built for adventure for when the workday is done. It can take on any trail with ease, and bombing around in the open air was a much-needed break from quarantine and lockdown conditions. Any pent up aggression from social distancing for months on end can be taken out on the even the toughest terrain. The GENERAL XP 1000 Deluxe turns on a dime, roars with each push of the gas pedal, and turns the heads of anyone with testosterone coursing through their veins.

The Polaris GENERAL XP 1000 Deluxe, however, is on the pricey side at $22,999 MSRP, and the tag can increase depending on which bells and whistles you want included. But when it comes to work and play, the price you pay can have a drastic impact on your day. Plow attachments help to take on the snow and ice, while a dumping cargo bed, various bumpers and storage are available for those miscellaneous situations you can’t always prepare for – something that 2020 has proven time and time again.

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