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This Cool Face Mask Will Protect You From Even the Tiniest Germs

TL;DR: A form-fitting face mask with 5-layer filtration at a 32% discount.

Face masks have become a necessity in these coronavirus times, and now they’ve transformed into fashion statements, too. These TAKTA masks offer badass looks plus badass functionality—and with anti-maskers continuing to storm the streets throwing tantrums (and spreading droplets everywhere), you’re gonna need more protection than ever.

Stay safe with extra protection while keeping your street style tight. The TAKTA Form-Fitting Mask is a high-end face covering made from thick neoprene fabric with 5-layer filtration technology to provide superior protection from different types and sizes of germs. Its active carbon layer filters gases and reduces odors; the first electro-charged layer filters larger particle matter and other allergens; and the second electro-charged layer filters smaller particle matter such as dust and bacteria. The TAKTA mask also has an outer and inner layer that’s wrapped in a smooth, durable, and skin-friendly finish.

Those layers may seem like a lot, but there’s no need to worry about comfort, as the mask has 2 exhalation valves and a personalized fit that allows you to breathe freely without risking any chance of air leakage. It’s also washable and comes with a changeable filter, so you can reuse the mask for a long time.

Not only impressive but also on sale, you can scoop up a TAKTA Form-Fitting Mask with 5-Layer Filter Technology for $33.99, saving 32% on the retail price. This is your best chance to go for the Dark Knight Rises Bane look without seeming weird—don’t miss out!

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