Most Craved | Space Jam 2, Puppet Master and Captain America: Civil War

Have we finally done it? Have we gone too far with our childhood nostalgia? Did the world really need a Space Jam 2?

This week on Most Craved, your hosts William Bibbiani, Jenna Busch and Silas Lesnick take a hard look at the upcoming sequel to the 1996 merchandise commercial Space Jam, which paired Michael Jordan with the Looney Tunes characters, sold a lot of soundtracks and wormed its way into the hearts of age-appropriate audiences at the time. But with LeBron James and Fast Five filmmaker Justin Lin at the helm for an updated version, is there any reason to be excited? Is this just an excuse to pander or is there a legitimate reason why the time is now to revisit Space Jam?

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Also this week, Most Craved tackles the upcoming Puppet Master reboot – which, unlike many reboots of its ilk, may actually benefit from a new approach – and our hosts are giving their spoiler-free thoughts about Captain America: Civil War.

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