Jon Favreau Explains Why He Changed ‘The Jungle Book’

When you remake a classic you have to make a lot of very important choices that will affect pre-existing fans and potentially entice or alienate new ones. In The Jungle Book, director Jon Favreau was tasked with bringing a Walt Disney animated classic and Rudyard Kipling masterpiece to life using new storytelling techniques and visual effects. Fans of the original film will recognize parts of Favreau’s version of The Jungle Book – heck, fans of The Lion King will too – but they may be surprised to discover that an important part of the animated movie is VERY different in the new version.

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Is it a good change? It will probably depend on your point of view. In this exclusive video interview with Jon Favreau, we asked him about the alteration – so beware of SPOILERS – and he rather elegantly reveals why it was important to him. We also discussed some of the shout-outs to The Lion King and whether or not this new version of The Jungle Book could finally lead to the live-action film was always wanted… TaleSpin.

The Jungle Book is now playing at a theater near you.


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