Up To 50 UFC Fans Brawl In Sydney Street While Watching Title Fight

Up to 50 UFC fans were involved in a brawl in Sydney’s South over the weekend, as people gathered to watch the televised, highly anticipated match up between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor.

Seemingly inspired by the display, the punters starting acting out their own fight night inside the Ritz Hotel in Hurstville before spilling out onto the street. According to the SMH, Police were called in, arriving just after 5pm as the fight was in full swing.

Finding one 17 year old boy with what appeared to be a fractured eye sockets and others injured, Police however reportedly made no arrests, except that of 15 year old girl who was charged with offensive language.

Later let off with a youth citation no further charges were laid, although Police said inquiries were ongoing.

Welcome to Australia. Where you can brawl in the street no problems just don’t use any bad words.

Watch footage of the incident here below.


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