Ryan Reynolds Puts Hugh Jackman In the Hot Seat In Hilarious New Interview

Ryan Reynolds traded in his typical interviewee role for interviewer this week, grilling his Deadpool costar and Australian acting royalty Hugh Jackman by crashing his run-of-the-mill press junket.

This particular interview sesh was anything but ordinary, though, and it wasn’t even about their film Deadpool, which is currently in cinemas. Instead it was about Jackman’s upcoming sports drama movie Eddie the Eagle, which is a superhero film of a different kind.

Not that Reynolds knew that, or even what role Jackman plays, beating around the bush with questions surrounding, well, anything other than the film itself. You know, like “advantageous bone structure” and all that important stuff we so desperately want to know more about. 

That being said, the bromance is strong with this one. Who can say no to watching two of Hollywood’s most worshipped and charismatic dudes bro-ing down? Go on, hit play below.