Vatican Denies The Pope’s Big Acting Debut

Sorry guys, but our dreams of The Pope becoming the next big-time Oscar winner might not be coming true any time soon after all.

The Vatican is hitting back at claims made by AMBI Pictures that Pope Francis will be making his big acting debut in forthcoming film Beyond the Sun, asserting that, “The Pope is not an actor”.

As reported by AAP, The dispute is in direct response to a press release sent out by the LA-based film studio, headlined “Film Will Mark First Ever Big Screen Participation Role for the Leader of the Worldwide Catholic Church.”

“Our excitement and gratitude toward His Holiness, Pope Francis participating in this film is beyond words,” AMBI co-founder Andrea Iervolino told Variety. “This is not just a movie for us, it’s a message, and who better to have on your side to deliver an important societal and spiritual message than the Pope.”

However, the head of the Vatican’s communications operation, Monsignor Dario Vigano, claims that no scenes were shot as part of the project, however, acknowledges that filmmakers may have acquired other clips of The Pope and therefore can’t dispute that he will appear in the final movie.

Beyond the Sun is a religious film described as “a family adventure story where children from different cultures emulate the apostles while searching for Jesus in the world around them.” All profits will be donated to Argentinean charities that help at-risk children and young adults.



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