Watch The First Minute of The X-Files Miniseries

For nine years, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) attempted to uncover the truth about an extraterrestrial colonization of the Earth and the Syndicate that hid the aliens with a complex conspiracy. And for 14 years, The X-Files have been closed…until now.

Fox has posted the first minute of the upcoming six-episode miniseries that reopens The X-Files with both Duchovny and Anderson back in the roles that made them famous. It’s been six years since Mulder and Scully last appeared in the feature film, The X-Files: I Want To Believe, and let’s just say that they never quite had the happy ending that they were hoping for.

The new video doesn’t really spoil anything about the new miniseries, but it does feature a quick and concise recap of what the show was all about. If you’ve never seen The X-Files before, this should bring you up to speed pretty quickly.

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Last year, fans who were lucky enough to get into The X-Files panel at New York Comic Con got to see the entire first episode of the miniseries. This post won’t spoil anything important, but Joel McHale’s right-wing conspiracy theorist talk show host, Tad O’Malley will play an unexpected role in bringing Mulder and Scully back together. But it’s Sveta (Annet Mahendru) who will have the most profound effect on Mulder’s life. Through Sveta, Mulder will come to question everything he thought he knew about the aliens and their collaborators. What he finds may also infuriate longtime X-Files fans. We’ll see.

The X-Files will make its official U.S. broadcast premiere on Sunday, January 24 after the NFC Championship game. The second episode will be shown on Monday, January 25 on its regular night.

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