Season 2 Of The Librarians Coming To Space

Fans of The Librarians can rejoice as the smash-hit series returns with more fabled adventures when Season 2 premieres with back-to-back episodes next month.

Based on the hit movie franchise The Librarian, the series centres on an ancient organization tasked with protecting the everyday world from the unseen magical realm that exists around it. The 10-episode, one-hour second season brings Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn, X-Men), Jacob Stone (Christian Kane, Leverage), Cassandra (Lindy Booth, Dawn of the Dead), and Ezekiel Jones (John Kim, Neighbors) back to the job of guarding the world’s mystical treasures, while Jenkins (John Larroquette, The Brink), their reluctant caretaker, keeps a watchful eye on them. Noah Wyle (Falling Skies) also returns in the recurring role of Flynn Carsen, the original Librarian from The Librarian movie trilogy.

Throughout its run, Season 1 of The Librarians made Space the top entertainment specialty network in the Sunday at 8pm timeslot for total viewers, tripling its audience compared to previous years.

With magic seeping into the mortal world at a faster pace and in unpredictable places, bringing complicated challenges and creatures with it, Season 2 sees the team confronted with a new reality that redefines them all, for better or worse. Everything is changing as the team finds themselves in conflict with one another, which could ultimately derail the mission they’ve been tasked with.

In the Season 2 premiere, “The Librarians and the Drowned Book” (Sunday, November 1st at 8pm), Jenkins (Larroquette) discovers there’s something wrong with the Library since it returned from the Void. The Librarians all find themselves drawn back together, after having been off on their own for months, to solve the mystery of a massive storm that has parked itself over Manhattan. They soon discover the culprit in both cases is none other than Shakespeare’s Prospero.

The action continues at 9pm with an all-new episode, “The Librarians and the Broken Staff,” when Prospero summons up other Fictionals in order to retrieve the parts of his staff from a museum. The Librarians soon find themselves pitted against Frankenstein’s monster and Sherlock Holmes’ brilliant nemesis, Moriarty. Meanwhile Flynn (Wyle) and Baird (Romijn) have a disagreement over how to proceed against Prospero.


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