FX Is Developing Y: The Last Man For TV

FX is looking to jump into the realm of comic book adaptations, and it looks like the network is starting with one of the most beloved comics of the early 21st Century.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX is developing Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s comic book series Y: The Last Man for television. Originally published by DC’s Vertigo Comics in 2002, Y: The Last Man focuses on Yorick Brown, the only human male to survive a plague that killed every other man on Earth. Yorick is accompanied by his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand, who is the only other male mammal to survive. Yorick’s protector in this strange new world is a woman known as Agent 355.

New Line Cinema attempted to adapt Y: The Last Man as a feature film back in 2007, but the project languished in development hell until the rights reverted back to Vaughan and Guerra. For the new television adaptation, Vaughan is taking a more active hand in its development as both a writer and a producer. Vaughan also has TV experience from his stints on Lost and Under the Dome.

Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson will produce Y: The Last Man with Vaughn and FX Productions, and a search is currently underway for a writer to help Vaughn develop the series.

The Y: The Last Man comic finished up its run after 60 issues in 2008, but there is more than enough material for several seasons of television. Previously, FX spent several years developing the comic book series Powers, before that series eventually resurfaced as a Playstation Network original series. If Y: The Last Man gets a series order from FX, it will be the first comic book inspired series to make it on the network.

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Photo Credit: Vertigo Comics