Brian K. Vaughan Endorses Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ TV Series

Back in 2003, writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona pulled off a nearly impossible trick: launching a successful new Marvel series featuring entirely original characters. That series was Runaways, a comic that followed the adventures of a group of teenagers who discovered that their parents were actually dangerous supervillains. The teens became a team to protect each other and to expose their parents’ crimes, and the Runaways comic became a critical hit. Next year, Runaways will make the leap to live-action with a TV series on Hulu. And while Vaughan hasn’t been a part of the Runaways comic book series for many years, he did have a part to play in bringing the new incarnation to life.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Vaughan stated that he “did a little consulting early in the process,” before adding that “I think the Runaways found the ideal ‘foster parents’ in Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. They took a weird comic set in the Marvel Universe of 2002, and lovingly adapted it into a stylish drama that feels like contemporary Los Angeles. Love the cast, crew and especially the writers they assembled. And the pilot looks like an Adrian Alphona comic! I can’t wait to watch this first season unfold.”

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Vaughan also offered an update on the highly anticipated TV adaptation of his creator owned comic, Y: The Last Man. He described the pilot episode script by Michael Green as “phenomenal,” and added that there may be “some very cool news about another adaptation soon.” As for Saga, Vaughan indicated that he and co-creator Fiona Staples are concentrating on the comic and not actively attempting to bring it to Hollywood. However, he added that they are both open to the possibility of Saga being adapted in the future.

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Photo Credit: Hulu