New Music Mixtape: Algiers, Joanna Newsom, WOKE & More

Unless you’re that asshole who claims to know every obscure one-off rando project from the brother of the bassist from that Pavement cover band you probably haven’t heard of,  chances are good that you’ll agree there’s just too much damn music out there to keep on top of all the goodness. No matter how devoted a sound junkie you may be, we’re inundated with so much these days it’s practically impossible to find the true gems among the sea of zirconium.

To help, Crave has put out a Voltron call to our music contributors from around the world to bring you a killer weekly mixtape playlist. Here’s how it works – each week we’ll deliver a handful of must-listen tracks, most of them new, some of them classics, all of them awesome. You can kick off your weekend with the best sounds and a sense of enlightenment, knowing you’re not missing the boat on the best tracks out there each week. 


Algiers – ‘And When You Fall’

Looking for a soundtrack to focused mayhem? Meet Algiers, the harbingers of violent revival, a gospel-punk fist rolled in broken glass mixing a cauldron of sociopolitical demons and rebellion. Vocalist/guitarist Franklin James Fisher, bassist Ryan Mahan and guitarist Lee Tesche seize upon the cultural hangover pounding our heads and parlay it into a gasoline-soaked vivisection of culture complacency. In other words, we’ve got some danger back in our rock. Amen.

– Johnny Firecloud, Crave Music Editor (North America)


Joanna Newsom – ‘Leaving the City’

If you would’ve told me that the woman responsible for the hopelessly twee ‘This Side of the Blue’ would one day create a song that confidently erupted in a burst of shrill bellows and crashing drums in the way that ‘Leaving the City’ does, I would’ve eaten my harp.

This latest track from the upcoming Divers The Milk-Eyed Mender would expect, yet also emblematic of a roaring new direction that is bubbling with an almost metal level of attitude.

Yes, her vocals are still delicate enough to convince you that she is at least part-elf, but now they’re more piercing and her words more acerbic. This is what it sounds like when one of modern music’s most talented is pissed off.

– Paul Tamburro, Crave UK Editor


Tamper – Wild Eyes (Local Natives cover) 

Local Natives are one of my all-time favourite bands, with one simple listen to any of their songs able to transport me to a specific time and place, generally associated with the carefree bliss of youth. Ah to be young and insanely fiscally irresponsible again.

Anyway, such is my adoration for the LA based outfit, that in order for me to even finish listening to a cover song of one of their songs, it has to be something truly special. Enter Tamper and this delectable, sprightly cover of Wide Eyes, with a xylophonic backing beat and buzzing, warm synths taking it to a whole other level.  

– Mitch Feltscheer, Aus Music Editor


New Order – ‘Plastic’

New Order have returned with , their first new LP in 10 years, and despite the record being overloaded with awesome tracks the stand-out highlight is most certainly ‘Plastic.’

With so much of the focus on the legendary Manchester band typically revolving around their tumultuous relationship with ex-bassist Peter Hook, Music Complete is a reminder that everyone should actually be more interested in their musical output, considering that they’re one of very few bands who have been around the block for a few decades and yet still manage to pull a record out of the bag that holds up to any of their previous releases. 

‘Plastic’ is Music Complete’s defining moment, telling an embittered tale of a wayward relationship, echoed with vocals from La Roux’s Elly Jackson and with an optimistic, euphoric synth-led instrumental juxtaposed with scornful lyrics centred around an “artificial” and “plastic” former lover. It’s seven minutes of New Order at their very best.

– Paul Tamburro, Crave UK Editor


WOKE (Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat) – ‘The Lavishments of Light Looking’

Weirdo sonic wanderers Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces, and Thundercat have launched a new project called WOKE, and their first release is an exciting one: a single entitled ‘The Lavishments of Light Looking’, featuring P-Funk godhead George Clinton. The track was shared as part of Adult Swim’s Singles program. Listen to it above and download it here

– Johnny Firecloud, Crave Music Editor (North America)


Jack Stirling – ‘Honey’ 

Anyone here who proudly owns and wears one of those god awful Disco Sucks t-shirts can take a walk right now (by way of the ocean) because I’m about to lay some disco fire underneath your sad boogie-hating butts.

Honey is the second single from Melbourne, by way of Perth, muso Jack Stirling and it’s a sparkling piece of new disco magic, brimming with falsetto, glittering synths and some undeniable hooks. It’s part Prince, part Scissor Sisters and so funky it’ll make you want to rip up that crappy t-shirt and douse yourself in body glitter instead.  

– Nastassia Baroni, Aus Editor