Viral Video: Marshawn Lynch Sells Skittles On ‘Evine Live’

Unless there is actually a single person reading this article who can honestly say they’ve sat down on their couch, turned on their TV and flipped the channel to ‘Evine Live,’ I doubt we’ll ever know if this Skittles ‘commercial’ ever aired.

But I’ll tell you, the TV shopping network is real, the host is real and Lynch’s love for Skittles — well documented — is real.

It’s fairly the obvious the commercial is loosely scripted and edited. After all, the dialogue is pretty hilarious.

So in over a quarter-million views in one-day, here is the latest video to go viral in the sports world, Marshawn Lynch promoting Skittles on a home shopping network.

Lynch on Skittles – “We intimate.”

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.


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