Leaked | A Preview Of This Year’s Terrible Super Bowl Commercials

Who’s paying millions for a few seconds of TV ad time this upcoming Sunday when the Patriots take on the Falcons in Super Bowl LI? Even more importantly, who is going to be brazen enough to try to create an ad that will actually get our attention ?

Below are the nominees so far — the ads that have already been ‘leaked’ online head of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

So far they’re about as predictable as they come. But just in case you’re curious …

This Year’s Terrible Super Bowl Commercials:

Buick – Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr

Skittles: “Romance”


A preview of what they claim will be the first ‘live’  Super Bowl commercial in 36 years.

Wix.com with The Transporter and Wonder Woman

Buffalo Wild Wings with Brett Favre

Preview of their campaign.

Mr. Clean

“Cleaner of your dreams,” is what they’re calling it?

Intel: Brady Everyday


“Easy driver” directed by the Cohen brothers.

Go Daddy

Bud Light

“Between friends”


I guess, in case you like to dance? Or, like to watch people dancing?

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports. 


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