Street Fighter V’s New Fighter is the Most Bizarre One Yet

Compared with many other fighting game series, Street Fighter‘s cast of female characters has largely dressed rather conservatively. Sure, Cammy’s tight-fitting onesie may leave little to the imagination, but on the whole they’re dressed more practically than, say, the women featured in Dead or Alive or the Soulcalibur series. However, the latest addition to Street Fighter V‘s line-up represents a considerably large charge in direction, and is certainly one of the weirdest additions to the roster of the upcoming fighting game. 

Rainbow Mika made her debut way back in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and now she’s making her belated return in the next entry in Capcom’s flagship series, along with her weirdly butt-centric moveset. Among other things, Mika’s special move involves her bringing in her tag partner Yamato Nadeshiko, with the duo then combining their butts in order to smush the face of their opponent. 

It looks a little something like this: 

While she isn’t quite as odd as Street Fighter IV‘s greased-up brawler Hakan, she’s almost certainly the strangest addition to Street Fighter V‘s line-up thus far. 

Check out her reveal trailer, debuted at PAX Prime, below: