ElectroTrack Therapy: Avicii’s Waiting For Love (Marshmello Remix)

If you haven’t heard Avicii’s latest single “Waiting For Love”, you probably don’t live on earth. Or if you do live on earth, and you still haven’t heard it, you must not come in much contact with civilization or radios. 

Now that we figured out the type of life you live (or don’t live), lets focus on something a little more important – the Marshmello remix of this hit that’s blazing a trail across pop culture itself.

I know I recently featured one of Mello’s original tracks in this column, but this remix is almost even more monumental – because its a remix with such depth and originality that it stands on it’s own two legs as something completely new and unique. The only things really tying it back to the original track are the vocals and a few melodies in the chorus. The rest is a beautifully constructed symphony of future bass bliss that picks you up and and lays you down for five minutes straight.


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