ElectroTrack Therapy: Roses’ “R U Mine” (SteLouse Remix)

This week’s ElectroTrack is a SteLouse remix of Rozes’ “R U Mine”

What I love most about this track is not just the deep bass drops or the uplifiting atmospheric chorus – even though they’re both  really awesome – but the passion and articulation put into the track by the artists. 

Ross Ryan (aka SteLouse, pronounced “Stay Loose” ) is a producer out of Denver, and came into the world of music as a touring rock artist. He built on this experience and drew from a variety of genres in order to develop this wholly unique “future bass” sound that he so masterfully now exemplifies. In his own words, Ryan calls his music “a reflection of my heart and soul. Every emotion, every love, every death, every thought and flaw…past and present…all wrapped up into one single beautiful melody, for the world to sing. This is me, this is what I do.”

 Check out the track here: 

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