Everything You Need To Know About Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead Character Guide

Photo Credits: AMC

Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey)


Alycia Debnam-Carey had a recurring role on The 100 last season, but she’s one of the stars of Fear The Walking Dead…which is a significant step forward in her career. She’s playing Alicia, the daughter of Madison and Nick’s sister. Alicia is an overachiever who is already plotting her escape from an uncomfortable family life. But the zombie apocalypse will prevent Alicia from fulfilling her plans.

Chris Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie)


Fear The Walking Dead is the first TV series regular gig for Lorenzo James Henrie. Although, you have our condolences if you had to sit through Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 for Henrie’s small part in that film.

Henrie is playing Chris Manawa, the son of Travis and Liza. He resents Travis for the dissolution of their family. But in the zombie apocalypse, you can’t be too picky about getting help from your estranged father.

Liza Ortiz (Elizabeth Rodriguez)


Elizabeth Rodriguez has had a very long career in film, TV, and in theater. But she is best known for her role as Aleida Diaz in the first three seasons of Orange Is The New Black.

In Fear The Walking Dead, Rodriguez is playing Liza Ortiz, Travis’ ex-wife and Chris’ mother. She’s a nursing school student and newly single mom, who probably won’t be happy to be back in her ex-husband’s orbit as society crumbles around them.

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