Take a Closer Look at How “Gaming Gets Better” on Windows 10

Microsoft has made a big deal about how Windows 10 will improve gaming across both PC and its Xbox One console, and with the new operating system beginning its launch today the company have released a video highlighting more of its features.

The video showcasing a detailed look at the new Xbox app, which gives you access to obligatory features such as your friends list and activity feed, though it’s the parity between Windows 10 and Xbox One that makes the new Xbox app so impressive.

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Starting with allowing you to invite Xbox gamers to party chat through your PC (and then being able to converse with them via Skype), Microsoft then shows off the OS’s new Game DVR feature, allowing you to share gameplay footage across various social networks (you can even use the Game Bar (Windows Key + G) to take screenshots and Game DVR clips independent of the Xbox app), along with offering a closer look at cross-play and game streaming.

Windows 10 is available to download today for many users, though it will be implemented with Xbox One at a later date. Watch the video below: