Sia’s New Mobile Game ‘Bob Job’ Will Destroy All Your Precious Time

Aussie export and certified global pop phenomenon Sia has just unleashed a new way to destroy more of your precious time in the form of an addicting mobile game appropriately titled Bob Job.

Named after Sia’s famous blonde bob, the game is modelled off the extremely popular Candy Crush game. It sees the candy replaced with wigs, dogs and unicorns – otherwise known as just a few of Sia’s favourite things.

The fluorescent game, which features hypnotic visuals, is soundtracked by Sia’s Elastic Heart and has been released as a promotion for the deluxe edition of her hugely popular LP 1000 Forms Of Fear, which features acoustic versions and remixes of album tracks.

The game was launched with a parody video which attempts to market an iPhone that comes complete with a blonde wig attached to the top. The phone is prefaced with the question, “Hair: we all have it, but why don’t our phones have it?” Thank goodness we have Sia, attempting to solve these puzzling questions.

Blob Job was created by Mass Threat who have also designed mobile games for the likes of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco.

It is now available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play. You can thank Sia for making everything you had to do today suddenly redundant.