Portable Fatalities: Mortal Kombat X is Coming to Mobile

Mortal Kombat X is coming to mobile in the form of a fighting game/collectible card game hybrid, with NetherRealm Studios taking the helm.

The debut trailer, which you can view above, reveals what the game will look like when it comes to iOS and Android devices later this year, highlighting some particularly smooth graphics for a mobile game. It will feature Mortal Kombat X’s cast of characters (or “Kharacters,” as I’m sure NetherRealm would want us to refer to them as), along with some of the newly introduced characters that will be making their debut in the upcoming game.

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Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t reveal how the CCG aspect of the game ties into its combat, though we’d like to imagine it being like Hearthstone only with more decapitated heads and improbably dressed women with monstrous fangs.

Mortal Kombat X Mobile will be released on April 14th, the same day that the console and PC versions of the game will launch. It will also allow players to unlock exclusive content for the console/PC game (and vice versa) by signing in with a Warner Bros. account and completing tasks within each version.