2014 Infographic Shows Rise of Digital Game Sales, Most Popular Games and More

2014 was a progressive year for the gaming industry. During the past 12 months important trends have continued, and in some cases emerged, shaping the industry as we know it.

For example, mobile games are as big as ever, with several games totaling at over $1 billion in revenue during the year. Meanwhile, digital game sales grew significantly year-over-year. Even eSports saw an increase with viewership reaching an addition 33 million people versus 2013. While these might look like nothing more than eye-catching statistics, they are critically important to the future of the hobby we have all come to know and love. With them, publishers and manufacturers will forecast where money can be made in the future, and will gravitate toward these trends.

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Below you can see a SuperData infographic with tons of statistics regarding the video game industry in 2014. With it, you can get an idea of where gaming is heading.


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