NFL Teams and Their Fans’ Favorite Artists: A Terrible Combo

Facebook went out drinking with Billboard, and apparently after a few pitchers and enough yo-momma jokes to get the ridicule momentum going, compiled a study of NFL fans’ musical preferences, and which musical artists they are most likely to like on Facebook. High tech stuff!

In compiling Gridiron Grooves: Favorite Artists for Facebook Fans of Every NFL Team, Facebook compiled the ‘likes’ of a specific band within the spectrum of NFL team fans on Facebook as a whole.

The connections are suspect at best, as people can generally barely remember a single goddamn ‘like’ they’ve added to their profile. One thing’s for sure: the Cardinals and the Browns have some serious explaining to do.

Here are the results of the initial installment of Gridiron Grooves:

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: The Beatles

Miami Dolphins: Black Eyed Peas

New England Patriots: Akon

New York Jets: 50 Cent


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: Wiz Khalifa

Cincinnati Bengals: Waka Flocka Flame

Cleveland Browns: Machine Gun Kelly

Pittsburgh Steelers: Usher


AFC South

Houston Texans: George Strait

Indianapolis Colts: Nickelback

Jacksonville Jaguars: T-Pain

Tennessee Titans: Jason Aldean


AFC West

Denver Broncos: Maroon 5

Kansas City Chiefs: Tech N9ne

Oakland Raiders: Snoop Dogg

San Diego Chargers: Bob Marley


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Shakira

New York Giants: Jay-Z

Philadelphia Eagles: Drake

Washington Redskins: Wale


NFC North

Chicago Bears: Michael Jackson

Detroit Lions: Kid Rock

Green Bay Packers: LMFAO

Minnesota Vikings: AC/DC


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: T.I.

Carolina Panthers: Ludacris

New Orleans Saints: Lil Wayne

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Metallica


NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: Pitbull

San Francisco 49ers: E-40

Seattle Seahawks: Macklemore

St. Louis Rams: Nelly