Woman Handcuffed to Seat After Mile-High Sex on Flight (While Her Parents Sat Nearby)


A British woman in her twenties was handcuffed to her seat during a Virgin Atlantic flight from Gatwick to Las Vegas, after reportedly joining the mile-high club during the flight.

The Sun reports that the woman was questioned by American police after being caught engaging in a sex act with a man during the lengthy flight. She was also said to have “hurled abuse at the crew” after being caught. The report states that she was flying with her parents, who must’ve been proud as punch.

Virgin confirmed an incident had taken place on the flight, releasing a statement saying: “Virgin Atlantic can confirm that due to a disruptive passenger, the VS43 to Las Vegas on the 1st May was met by authorities on arrival at McCarran International Airport.

“Virgin Atlantic does not tolerate disruptive behaviour by passengers on-board and the safety and welfare of our passengers and crew is the airline’s top priority.”

The woman was reportedly escorted from the flight by American police after the plane had landed, though she was released with just a warning.

What The Sun predictably failed to report on, however, was anything specifically related to the man who the woman had sex with. Presumably he simply vanished into thin air after having sex with her – that, or the media outlet ignored his existence because men can have sex wherever they want and no one cares about it.

With that being said, having sex on a flight with your parents on board? Not cool, lady. Not cool.

Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic Airways