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Michael Scott’s Infamous Townhouse Is on the Market, Perfect Place For Home ‘Office’ Where Nothing Gets Done

Michael Scott was the king of procrastination. The main character of the long-running, insanely popular NBC sitcom The Office was constantly goofing off, getting distracted, and basically wasting his company Dunder Mifflin’s time.

And yet, somehow, the worst boss ever made a living – and even saved enough money to purchase a townhome. And when Scott temporarily left Dunder Mifflin to start his own company, he worked from home.

Now, a townhome right next door to that one is on the market in real life – and it’d make the perfect home office for a fan of The Office to get absolutely nothing done.

The pad features the exact same floor plan that viewers saw in the Season 2 episode titled “Office Olympics.” That installment focused on Scott (played to perfection by Steve Carrell) purchasing his first home, a three-bedroom townhouse.

On the show, the townhouse was located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In real life, it’s located in a gated San Fernando Valley neighborhood and is currently listed for a steep $699,000. That’s over twice what the owners purchased it for in 2010, when it sold for $300,000.

The property, which is being sold by owner Brittanny Dipla, went on the market on March 2, and has had a good amount of activity.

“It’s the same exact layout [as the one Michael Scott bought],” Dipla told The New York Post. “I already had two open houses back to back and I already have offers. I am expecting more offers.”

Fans of the sitcom will remember the townhome as the setting for the infamous “Dinner Party” episode (arguably the best in the series) in which Michael and his lady love Jan invite other couples from Dunder Mifflin over for a meal that goes disastrously.

If you’re house hunting, this abode might be worth a viewing. If nothing else, you could turn it into an Office-style museum and charge for tours.

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