Meg White Sex Tape?

A sex tape has recently surfaced featuring a woman with an uncanny resemblance to White Stripes drummer Meg White, acting a lot less shy than we’re used to seeing her. The first half of the X-rated video shows the woman on all fours, facing the camera directly, while the second half is quite…rumpy. The woman’s buxom, slightly-overweight body type seems to match that of the drummer, and while changing position halfway into the film (which I watched strictly for research purposes, of course), her facial expressions are nearly identical to those of Ms. White. The man in the video, by the way, is definitely not Jack White.


So far there’s been no word from the White Stripes camp, confirming or denying that it’s Meg on the tape. But with such a reclusive, soft-spoken demeanor, it’s certainly a stretch to imagine Meg getting her exhibition on. She’s not likely to be at the top of anyone’s list of predictable video vixens. Britney Spears or Courtney Love, maybe, but not Meg White.


Then again, the White Stripes cancelled their upcoming North American and European tours last week, due to what they’re calling Meg’s “acute anxiety”. Maybe there’s more to this strange “anxiety” excuse than meets the eye.

You be the judge. See the Meg White sex tape video here.

[Update: The Stripes spokesperson is saying that it is not Meg White in the tape. More…]

Written by Johnny Firecloud for CraveOnline


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