Brutally Honest TV Reviews: ‘The Sopranos’ Is Good, But It’s Not Great (Especially the First Half)

The Sopranos was a watershed moment for television; as the first serialized mainstream drama, it catalyzed what is the golden era of television (now). That said, television has changed a lot since Tony Soprano first visited his therapist to talk about strangling relocated informants, his mother, and ducks.

Now, small-screen production value has become so shiny and new that audiences have become spoiled rotten. That which was innovative 20 years ago is run-of-the-mill today. It’s important to remember that The Sopranos was just figuring things out—setting a precedent. Those just discovering it for the first time in 2020 aren’t going to praise it as the “greatest show of all-time,” they’ll call it good, but not great (especially in the first slower half, when it didn’t know what it wanted to be). That doesn’t mean you have those people “whacked” or shoot them on a boat whose interior doesn’t jive with its exterior (R.I.P. “Pussy”). Disregarding reverence and nostalgia, let’s do an honest review of The Sopranos

Cover Photo: Home Box Office (HBO)

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