‘Edward Scissorhands’ Home on the Market – Backyard Haircuts Not Included

How would you like to shack up in the same space where Edward Scissorhands once dwelled? Well, now you can, because a home from Tim Burton’s classic 1990 drama starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder is up for sale.

Though Edward Scissorhands was created by a scientist, with whom he lived in a castle on a hill, most of the film takes place in or near a modest home in a bucolic suburban neighborhood where the blade-handed man takes refuge with the local Avon lady Peg Boggs (Dianne Wiest) and her daughter Kim (Winona Ryder) after he’s orphaned.

Now you can recreate the magic of the film in the three-bedroom, two-bath, 1,432-square-foot single-family house located in Lutz, Florida. It’s on the market for a mere $224,000 – and includes a backyard pool!

Photo: Stacie Savoy

“This home and area is great for someone just starting out, or ready to settle into their forever home,” reads the listing – which mentions the connection to the movie, of course.

Alas, unlike the film, the neighborhood isn’t adorned with Edward Scissorshands’ quirky landscaping work, nor are there free haircuts offered in the backyard.

Cover Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

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