All the Overlooked Ways ‘Hamilton’ Is Incredibly Progressive, Despite What Cancel Culture May Say

Writer/composer/performer Lin-Manuel Miranda has described Hamilton: An American Musical as “a story about America then, told by America now.” Mind you, he said this back in 2015, when the show debuted to unprecedented acclaim and we all hated each other just a little bit less. However, even back then, this retelling of Alexander Hamilton’s journey from immigrant to founding father was hotly debated for its controversial entanglement of the contemporary and archaic (particularly in regards to diversity). 

From a modern and overtly pragmatic perspective, the founding fathers were bigoted assholes. They owned slaves while simultaneously preaching about freedom (among other things). This is why, as the Broadway production enjoys a rebirth on Disney+, #CancelHamilton has found its way online. In a year forcing us to dissect the missteps of our past, our history warrants deconstruction. You can look at Hamilton one of two ways: a glorification of assholery or a self-aware and optimistic re-construction that gives ownership to those who have been historically excluded. By design, It doesn’t do this explicitly. All criticisms are valid. It wants us to talk about it; to use it as a catalyst to implement new ideas. With that in mind, let’s look at how Hamilton tells its story as progressively as it possibly can.

Cover Photo: Disney+ 

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