The ‘Waco’ Guide to Not Falling Prey to a Cult Leader

Waco is one of the best shows streaming right now on Netflix, but you wouldn’t know it because Tiger King has stolen all the thunder (and eyeballs). The limited series, set in 1993, follows the final months of the Branch Davidians, a religious cult led by charismatic (but off-kilter) David Koresh. On the suspicion that the group was stockpiling firearms, the ATF ambused the Mount Carmel Center where over 100 followers lived, and the two sides found themselves in a shoot-out.

Intense negotiations with the FBI followed, and while some members were allowed to leave the Waco, Texas, compound, most were hunkered down with Koresh for what became a 51-day siege. Ultimately, the FBI used tear gas on the occupants, the compound went up in flames, and 76 Branch Davidians died, including Koresh and his many children. The show is quite the cautionary tale, which is why we’ve put together this guide to keep you from falling prey to a cult leader.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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