‘Killing Eve’s Villanelle: The Most Likable Psychopath Since Dexter Morgan (Or Your Ex)?

Killing Eve is back. The cat and cat thriller brought a psychopath character to its forefront. Other shows have had psychos like Norman Bates, Dexter Morgan, James Moriarty, and Hannibal Lecter; Killing Eve has Oksana (aka the beguiling Villanelle). She’s not just your cold and calculated stereotypical assassin. Villanelle is smart, stylish, playful, and utterly demented. She’s likable despite her proclivity for spontaneously violent behavior. 

As an audience, we are drawn to psychopaths—they represent the worst and the best of us. The story of a psycho is often one of trauma, insanity, and impulse. When we don’t know their backstories, we fear their relatability and wonder why we wouldn’t be opposed to grabbing a beer with them (outside of arm’s length of course). We probably have gone out with a few psychopaths; like Villanelle, they’re out there, practicing their smiles in the mirror. Eve Polastri’s former work wife is the ex we can’t help but love (and hopefully aren’t going back to out of quarantine-induced loneliness). As we safely witness Killing Eve‘s season three brutal antics from home, let’s look back at some of Villanelle’s delightfulness.

Cover Photo: BBC America

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