Showtime Surprise Cancels ‘Ray Donovan’ After 7 Seasons, Luckily We Quit Watching 3 Seasons Ago

Nothing lasts forever, not even Ray Donovan. The drama about the eponymous “fixer” for the movers and shakers of Los Angeles and New York has been canceled by Showtime and will not return for an eighth season. That season seven finale that ended on a cliffhanger? Turns out, that was your series finale, folks. (Surprise!) While Ray Donovan, with its 82-episode streak, was one of the most enduring series on Showtime, truth be told, we stopped watching three seasons ago, and the sudden end to the series simply means we have more time to watch TV that’s actually entertaining. (Good riddance, Ray.) This isn’t the first series to overstay its welcome, however. Plenty of TV shows have continued to pump out episodes even when the plot was flimsy and the characters tired. These are the 10 TV shows that should’ve ended sooner.

Cover Photo: Showtime

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